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Punches are used in the art and design sector to engrave, mark or decorate the surfaces of different materials, such as metal or leather. These instruments can come in different shapes, sizes, and patterns, and are used for various purposes in art and design. Here are some common uses of punches in art and design related to the work we can do at Migliarino:

  • Metal engraving: punches are used to engrave drawings, nail heads or text on metal foils, thus creating ornamental and decorative effects or identification markings on metal surfaces.
  • Leather decoration: on leather goods and during leather processing, punches are used to decorate or brand the leather with ornamental patterns, custom seals, or unique design details.
  • Marking and identification: punches are also used to either identify or mark materials, objects, or art works with unique acronyms, symbols, or numbers, facilitating the traceability of objects, and confirming their authenticity.
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Punches for Art and Design: Versatile and Creative Details

Art and design punches can be highly versatile and creative tools, which allow you to add detail, origin and personality to your artistic and design works.

At Migliarino, we produce artistic stamps for more or less well-known brands, for young entrepreneurs or start-ups who want to mark, sign or customise their leather creations, i.e., bags or accessories, saddle leather items such as belts, or metal objects such as knives, zippers or design items. We have also produced stamps for terracotta or ceramic pots.

Processing materials

Top quality materials

Migliarino’s punches and marking rollers are produced with premium quality materials, including steel, special steel, brass and copper, to ensure excellent and long-lasting performance. They are ideal for a wide range of industrial applications. 

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