Copper electrodes for CNC erosive processes

Migliarino has specialised skills in the production of copper electrodes for use in the CNC erosive process on parts to be engraved with a logo or a complex drawing, as an alternative to other known removal technologies. 

Some customers explicitly request that the stamp be produced with this process, and the electrode be stored by Migliarino for subsequent repetitions over time. 

The construction and sale of the electrode to third parties is a process requested by mould makers who rely on Migliarino for its specialisation and quality. 

The end user will be able to mount the electrode in its erosive process, and engrave the logos or characters on complex moulds or on extraction/stamping punches in mould areas presenting complex shapes, using the construction references of the electrode produced by Migliarino. 

Processing materials:
Field of use:
Industrial punches - Automotive
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Mechanical electrodes, also known as contact electrodes or pressure electrodes, are devices used to establish a safe and reliable electrical connection between two points. 

These electrodes, unlike classic electrodes such as screw or weld electrodes, use mechanical pressure to ensure good electrical contact. 

Mechanical electrodes consist of two main parts, precisely a conductive head or tip, and a pressure mechanism.  

The conductor head can be made of a conductive material, such as copper or brass, and is designed to make contact with the desired point. The pressure mechanism, which can be operated with a spring or lever, allows the right amount of pressure to be applied between the electrode and the contact point. 


Mechanical electrodes offer several advantages over traditional electrodes. First of all, they allow you to avoid the problem of loose cables, which can affect the quality of the contact and cause disturbances or interruptions. In addition, they offer more stable and long-lasting contact because they use mechanical pressure. They can also be easily removed and repositioned, thus simplifying maintenance or replacement. It is important to note that mechanical electrodes require adequate pressure to ensure good electrical contact, but it is crucial to avoid exerting excessive pressure that could damage components or deform contact points. 

Technical Features

Fonts, symbols and logos according to customer drawing and/or customised
Shapes and sizes according to customer drawing
Standard Material
Areas of application

Electrode use area

These electrodes are commonly used in a variety of applications, such as industrial automation, electronic instrumentation, test and measurement interfaces, and other applications that require a reliable electrical connection.

They are especially useful when you need to make temporary connections or when access to touchpoints is restricted. 

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