We make marking punches and stamping punches from steel and other materials. We produce precision mechanical engravings on metals and more.

We are able to create customised and targeted projects designed to meet the specific needs of each customer. 

Our creations are often an invitation to art and design as well. 

We want our quality to be highly visible in our work. We are constantly looking for improvement, always fuelled by a strong passion for our work 

In addition to the traceability feature, Marking Punches also contribute to safety and regulatory compliance. In the manufacturing industry, it is crucial to ensure that products are made to meet strict specifications. The use of Marking Punches allows you to introduce fraud control and prevention measures, thus helping to protect both consumers and businesses from counterfeit or substandard products. 

The evolution of marking technologies has expanded the possibilities and efficiency of the punching process. With the advent of laser marking, for example, detailed, high precision results can be achieved on a wide range of materials, including the most delicate ones. Laser marking also provides flexibility and versatility in modifying or updating marked information, ensuring that products comply with ever changing safety and regulatory standards.

However, despite the many advantages, marking with Punches also presents some challenges. Punch wear is a common problem that can affect the quality and legibility of the marking over time. Therefore, businesses must adopt regular maintenance practices and replace worn punches to ensure reliable and long-lasting results. In addition, the presence of surface defects on materials can impair the application of Marking Punches and require careful planning and surface quality.