Hammer punches

Customisable forging punches 

Hammer punches are tools used in forging and metalworking. They are designed to be used with a hammer or jackhammer to create drawings, patterns, or markings on pieces of metal during the forging process. These punches are made of hardened steel to ensure their durability and resistance to wear and tear during use. They come in different shapes and sizes depending on your specific metalworking needs. It is important to use high quality punches and maintain their shape and sharpness to achieve precise and consistent results when forging metals. 

Processing materials:
Steel - Special steel
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  • Punzoni a martello
    Hammer punches 3
  • Punzoni a martello
    Hammer punches 2
  • Punzoni a martello
    Hammer punches 5
  • Punzoni a martello
    Hammer punches 4

Technical Features

Standard or custom fonts, symbols and logos with drawings or customised details
Standard shapes and sizes and/or according to customer drawing
Standard Material Hardness
HRC 58-60 special materials and hardness agreed with the customer
Areas of application

Area of use of hammer punches

The use of punches and dies allows for efficient and precise production of metal components in various industries, such as automotive, aeronautics, household appliance manufacturing, and many other industries that require metal forming. 

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