Date stamps

Steel date stamps for marking

Steel date stamps are tools used to engrave or mark the surfaces of hard materials such as metals, alloys, or plastics. They consist of a series of characters or numbers made of hardened steel, which are used to create permanent marks on the surface of the material. 

Steel date stamps are commonly used in various industries, such as automotive, aerospace, home appliances, and metalworking. They can be used to mark components, parts, and products with information such as serial numbers, codes, identification marks, symbols, or company logos. 

Steel date stamps are designed to be sturdy and durable, so they can withstand continuous wear and tear during use. They can be used manually, such as using a hammer to apply the force needed to engrave characters on the surface, or they can be used with dedicated machines or presses for faster and more accurate marking. 

The use of steel date stamps for marking allows for clear traceability and identification of components, thus simplifying quality control, maintenance and spare parts operations. In addition, permanent marking with steel date stamps offers greater resistance to wear, abrasion and chemical aggression than other forms of marking, such as labelling or surface engraving. 

Processing materials:
Steel - Special steel
Field of use:
Industrial punches - Automotive
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Technical Features

Standard or custom fonts, symbols and logos with drawings or customised details
Standard shapes and sizes for insertion in the mould and/or customer design
Standard Material Hardness
HRC 58-60 special materials and hardness agreed with the customer
Areas of application

Area of use of steel date stamps for marking

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