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Bikes should not be thrown away!

Today we talk about a different bicycle: an old bike, destined for a bad end, where rust was the only protagonist.
The boys of "Fondazione Casa di Carità Arti e Mestieri" of Turin, as part of the "Gagget" project, put it under the knife of their laboratory. They spent ideas, commitment and many hours of work.
And do you know what happened? It has become a splendid Speed ​​Bike: an artistic and design object.
We believe very much in this school and in the type of training it offers to children, where the techniques studied in books are immediately put into practice. And some students have also done internships in our company.
Well, in the end we liked it a lot and we got it auctioned. The proceeds went to the school in the form of a scholarship.
Thank you guys! You taught us that things can change and come back to life, but above all that with good ideas ... and pedaling, you can get far!
Ah, there is also a video that tells this story:

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