Migliarino srl Turin Italy

Tradition meets innovation

We are a well-established reality, leader in the marking punches building's domain.
Our punches are built with different gears: alloys, regular and special steel.
Certifying the properties, we create our models directly from customer's computation and/or along with the customer itself, plotting and defining all the available finest solutions.

For over 70 years

We offer our experience and craftsmanship to suit different requests and fulfill even the most varied needs.


Always striving to new technologies, we became leader of our domain


We're at our customers' side in order to provide the best result in every phase


Our products stamp throughout Europe and also in various nations around the world


From cutting to engraving upto thermical treatment, the whole process is inwardly administered

Migliarino srl Turin Italy
Since the very beginning, for our company

Quality is a priority.

The warranty of the higher quality standard, allows us to be enumerated among the primary providers of renowned companies.

We're present in the automotive branch, along with the moulds' constructing, plastic and leather ... or everywhere there's the necessity to brand!

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