Migliarino srl


The passion for our work is our strength

Past in the heart...

And future in the eyes

Our company was created antebellum by Migliarino Candido in the well-known Piazza Statuto in Turin as etcher goldsmith.

Succesfully taken forward, with approval, by the son Giuseppe and the nephew Enrico as regard the mechanical branch, nowadays the inheritors provide an high-qualitywork to their customers, making use of the latest machineries and skillful artisanship.


Customer Care

We're by the side of our customers in every moment, from the model's creation to the punches' realization, up to after-sale assistance.



Migliarino, in over 70 years managed to stay abreast of the times. Our team is dynamic, packed to face every challenge presented by the market.



Our elevated quality standard, enable us to produce marking punches deployed throughout Europe and across the world.

Marking punches, precision engravings...

...but not only

We make marking punches and stamping punches in steel and other materials; we produce prevision mechanical engravings, on metals and other materials.
We are able to create customized and targeted projects for the specific needs of each client.
Our creations often concernart and design.
In our works we want our production qualityappear as much as possible, we are constantly looking for improvement , always fueled by the strong passion for our work

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Our team is at full disposal, ready to follow you step-by-step, ready to realize your project.